how it started - 
i was invited to perform in the concert "collected monsters II", which took place on 8th january 2000. i had been recording my songs casually before but this event made me decide to release my debut album, finally. it's the first day i appeared with the name the pancakes. before that day i used to change my names once in a while when i performed, but from that day on i've been using the name the pancakes.

about the pancakes

some little facts you may want to know:

1. the pancakes = singer-song-writer = dejay

2. previous bands
- the postcard
- ginger biscuits
- tricycle riders
- salty soggy sour

3. i'm from hong kong

4. i earn my living by releasing and selling my records, performing and participating in other irregular projects like tv commercials and movies

5. This site is owned and operated by Choi Ming Lai Dejay