buying the pancakes' products by mail order (overseas - outside hong kong, macau and mainland China)

the price, terms and conditions of this mail order may change in the future


postage already included in the price

1. les bonbons sont bons (1st album)
2. pancakes can panick (2nd album) (there are little cracks on all of the CD cases
, so the price becomes HK$85 each)
3. all already ready (3rd album)
4. stereo radio / left (4th album)
5. stereo radio / right (5th album)
6. everyone has a secret (6th album, my favourite record)
7. 1,2,3,4,5,6, cheese! (7th album)
8. 腦殘遊記 (8th album)
9. sometimes i just can't remember all the things we did together (compilation: old and new songs)
10. sometimes when we cry (9th album)

11. freeplay (CD with Chet Lam and Ketchup)

all albums HK$90 each

12. sometimes i can, sometimes not (live DVD)(no region restrictions)

13. one cake one live (live DVD + live CD with Chet Lam)
(this DVD may not run on all regular DVD players outside hong kong, but ok on computers)

HK$100 each

14. 班門弄戟 (a book in chinese that i wrote)
       (地球尚餘少量, 有買趁手)
    (此書乃在2005年出版, 所以雖然是全新, 但是書脊的膠水有老化跡象, 可能比較脆弱, 請諒解~)
HK$110 each

15. 你知道我在等like嗎 (a book in chinese that i wrote)
HK$120 each

16. t-shirts
size chart / t-shirt photos
HK$180 each

17. badges (3.7cm diameter)

A. shiny innocent eyes
B. a normal person
C. sweating me (last 7 pieces)
D. despising the world (sold out)
E. fat me (sold out)
HK$20 / any 1 piece
HK$30 / any 2 pieces
HK$40 / any 3 pieces
HK$50 / any 4 pieces
HK$60 / any 5 pieces
(and so on)

how to order:

1. choose the items you want

minimum order each time: 2 items (excluding badges)

2. answer the following questions, email me the answers and the item list to me

a. what is your name?

b. do you want any autographs on the items?

if yes, please specify the names of the recipients (doesn't need to be your real name, can be nicknames)

e.g.: all for doris
or les bonbons sont bons for doris, everyone has a secret for mable etc

* no autographs for t-shirts and badges, it's too difficult to sign on them -_-
* if you don't want any autographs on the items please say so
* i only sign for one person on each item, but i can sign for different persons on different items you have ordered
* i don't sign only my name on the items, so please tell me whom to sign for!
* i sign only on the covers but not on the CD/DVD faces, with a ballpen, that's my habit

c. your full name on the identity documents / passport, and address (for registered mail)
(if the parcel is returned because you have provided a wrong address or name, the parcel will not be sent to you again, so please make sure that your address and name are correct)

d. have you read this whole webpage for terms and conditions?

3. i will tell you the total price and whether they are in stock

4. if you accept the price, please pay by PayPal
please pay this email address
please keep all the PayPal emails as payment proof

5. i will go and post the parcel within one week (it takes about 1-2 week for the parcel to reach most of the countries)


please note:

- if you have not yet paid, you can cancel the order without notifying me

- if you have already paid, no money will be returned even if you want to cancel the order

- sometimes somehow my emails will go directly into your junk mail box, i don't know how i can solve it. please 1. add the email to your address book / allowed list so that there is a bigger chance that my email can get into your inbox 2. check your junk/ spam mailbox if you do not receive my reply in a week's time.

- please don't hurry me to reply unless it's real urgent, thank you!

- if the parcel is returned because you have provided a wrong address or name, the parcel will not be sent to you again, so please make sure that your address and name are correct

- i will make sure that the products are in good condition before posting them (except otherwise specified). and i will pack them in a reasonable way. if you receive the products in broken cases (not very often), it will be due to the shipment process. it's out of my control. so if it's not the CD/DVD itself that's broken, an exchange of the case is not possible (you can easily buy a new case at low price), please accept the reality and think carefully before payment, thanks!

- sometimes on the CD cases there are scratches which were made during the production process in the CD factory. hope you won't mind and let's not waste them. thanks for understanding~

- most of the packing materials are re-used materials (most of the envelopes, all transparent plastic bags, a few of the bubble paper), so don't worry if you see a lot of wrapping by plastic bags. hope all of us could help protect the environment together. try our best to re-use and recycle more.

you are welcome to email me if you have any queries