mable's standing next to my table
michael couldn't repair her bicycle
rio is a big fan of disco
marco has just lost his new radio

peter is in love with my sister
barry must be one of his barriers
rita enjoys every siesta
luka's gonna visit america

who are my friends
where are my friends
how are my friends
are they my friends
do i have friends

kitty wants to be so called pretty
jenny's happy cos of her last journey
cherry doesn't wanna get married
fanny's always living in her fantasy

jane thinks she is getting quite insane
dave will spend the rest of his life in a cave
jacky's always wearing a jacket
michelle's got a collection of seashells

mandy's drinking all day long brandy
winnie doesn't believe in her destiny
denny's having lessons of tennis
daniel is an enemy of denial

chinese translation:

coming soon